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[See instructions to install an old orthography Malayalam Unicode font which is required to read the posts below]

Unicode: Chillu: current options

  1. Encode Chillus as we did for മ /ma/ and handle the issue of equivalance to the base character at higher levels of text processing.
  2. Encode chillus other than മ /ma/ as Consonant + VIRAMA + ZWJ by overloading the format character ZWJ with Malayalam specific secondary or tertiary level collation weight. Also, both RA + VIRAMA + ZWJ and RRA + VIRAMA + ZWJ will represent exactly same chillu. Simillarly, both LLA + VIRAMA + ZWJ and LLLA + VIRAMA + ZWJ represent same chillu. After all these, issue of correctness of the inputted text has to be handled at higher levels of text processing.

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